Welcome to my website

I am a amateur astrophotographer located in Michigan. I got into the hobby of astrophotography around October 2020 as an activity that lent itself well to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have always been fascinated by space, but this allowed me to take an actual close inspection of the cosmos from my very backyard.

I dove into astrophotography pretty deeply right off the bat. I knew I was interested in trying to automate the image acquisition process as much as I could, so that it wouldn't cause me to lose sleep on work nights. Coming from a Computer Science background, the technology of pulling that off was not intimidating as it might be to other amateur astrophotographers. I immediately got a great mount (the EQ6-R Pro), a William Optics GT81 IV, a EAF, and an ASIAir Pro. 

After doing a ton of research in online forums and hours of YouTube videos, I decided this would a good jumping off point. I started out using my Canon T6 that I already had lying around as I had started getting into standard photography a few years prior. 

I set my sights on Andromeda (M31) as my first light on all my equipment, and my first deep space object of all time. Prior to this, I had only barely dipped my toe into astrophotography doing some random shooting of the Milky Way / Constellations. After getting all my images and stacking them in DeepSkyStacker as I had seen done in so many YouTube videos previously, I started in on post-processing in Photoshop (which I had used extensively before getting into this).

I was instantly hooked by my first processed image of a Deep Space Object, and immediately set to find the next object that I wanted to capture...